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Darsha Ham
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My belief is that if God gives you a vision, you are equipped to fulfill it. I am an agent for the constant evolution of our world through meaningful uses of technology. Through innovation we can impact the world.

I am from Dallas, Tx with roots in Houston, Tx. I am a black woman in tech with 2 beautiful daughters and a husband. I am Co-Founders with my husband.

As an RN and graduate of Texas Woman’s University, I’ve had the privilege of impacting people’s lives in the most critical times of their life as a Trauma Surgical Registered Nurse and Acute Psychiatric Care. As a Licensed Registered Nurse, my learned and taught skills enabled me to see innovation, quick wittedness, and adaptability first hand. However, I wanted to take my skills further than the hospital and now use them for Tech.

I am a two time founder, I am proficient in using Article Intelligence with a focus on NLP and Machine Learning by way of Voice. My skills have enabled me to build the World’’s first Artificial Intelligent SMART Business Coach, equipped to answer specific business related questions. I am proficient in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with the knowledge on building immersing avatars into our real world while also using VR to assist business owners with completely transforming their shopping experiences. I have experience developing for Web 3.0 specifically the Metaverse. I am a thought leader for all this surrounding shopping, experiences, and connection of mixed realities for the next generation.

I am a 4x winner 1st place winner in multiple tech pitch competitions across the world. I am a skilled speaker and moderator with experience leading large groups of professionals and non-professionals. My experience ranges also from guest speaking to keynote speaker as conferences. I actively serve my community and peers through ministry and truly love what I do.
Darsha Ham