Full Name
Jeffery Kennerly
Job Title
Financial Advisor
Company Name
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Speaker Bio
Jeffery Kennerly, Financial Advisor, based in McLean, VA. Since joining the FAA Program in 2018, Jeffery
has built the foundation for his vision. Jeffery has used his background in management consulting and
problem solving to build a solo practice that serves a diverse client base which grew out of his natural
network. Jeffery says, “my top 10 clients are families I brought in— Fortune 500 execs, entrepreneurs, and others who did not have a Financial Advisor they could rely on for solid investment advice. Jeffery
has not built his practice entirely alone. He has effectively used strategic partnerships to extend his services. For example, he holds the Morgan Stanley Workplace Advisor – Equity Compensation
designation, a rarity among FAAs. Jeffery finds value in talking with executives in his target
market, and they appreciate that he understands their stock options and other business-related assets
and decisions. He’d been working with a non-profit organization of attorneys throughout 2019
educating its members. They created “Wealth Wednesdays,” and every Wednesday in May 2020, Jeffery
hosted Zoom seminars for these attorneys. The topics were “Investing Basics,” “Advanced Investing,”
“Investment Strategies-Tax Loss Harvesting,” Business Owners & Their Retirement Plans,” and a session
for in-house Counsels with equity Plans.
Jeffery Kennerly